Book number 1: “Reflexiones y recomendaciones”

Reflexiones y recomendaciones was my first book and you can buy it on Amazon. I published it in 2018. The book includes articles with my opinion, music, film and theater reviews, travel chronicles, photographs taken by me and interviews with Dr. Sergio Vañó, Jorge Serrano Dasca from Mientrenador, Luis Dinis from Google, singers and musicians such as David DeMaría, Miguel Sáez, Marta Méndez, Kyke Serrano, Jose Antonio Pereira, Javier Cabañas, the writer Emma Castillo and Ernesto Martínez from Supervivientes.

Reflexiones y recomendaciones, normal edition
Reflexiones y recomendaciones, special edition (color edition)

It is a book in Spanish but you can learn and prectice your Spanish with it. There are two editions: the normal one, with the interior in black and white, and the special edition, with the interior in color. As It is a self-published book, I didn´t have the option of making the interior in black and white with only a few pages in color for the photographs, so I made two editions, so you can choose. The special edition is very expensive because of the printing costs.

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You can watch some promotional videos here, although they are in Spanish:

Promo 1 Reflexiones y recomendaciones
Promo 2 Reflexiones y recomendaciones

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A little of the interview to the singer Miguel Sáez (you can read the full interview in my book):