Book number 6: “Terminé de reflexionar”

Terminé de reflexionar is my sixth book, the third as a journalist, with opinion articles, photographs, book recommendations, movies, series, music and travel chronicles. The book includes the interview I did with Pau Donés in 2009, when I started my first website, as a tribute to him. Terminé de reflexionar is on sale worldwide with Amazon.

Watch the promotional videos, although they are in Spanish:

A preview of the interview I did with Pau Donés in 2009. The complete interview is in my book Terminé de reflexionar, which is for sale on Amazon.

You have the book for sale on Amazon, in three editions: the normal edition, with black and white photographs; the special edition, with color photographs, the deluxe edition, with color photographs and hardcover. You can find the three editions of my sixth book, as well as the other books, on my Amazon author page (Silvia San Martín).

I also leave you here some promotional photos:

Greetings during the promotion of my sixth book Terminé de reflexionar:

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