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The reality is that many people are mistreated by their parents in Spain and, probably, not only in Spain, but It is worse in this country where everything goes around the family. It is the invisible abuse that no one wants to see.

Real cases:

  • Mother who physically and psychologically abuses her daughter since she was little, doing everything possible to keep her on the street when she grows up.
  • Man who grabs his daughter by the neck so hard that the police have to go home because he almost kill her. The teenager did not report it out of fear and had to continue living with that monster, until he had a lover and abandoned his wife and daughter.
  • A man who didn´t want to help her little child when he saw his daughter on the street and she asked him for money for a loaf of bread.

These are just some cases of people mistreated by their father, mother or both and they are all Spanish people from middle class families, to whom society has turned its back, because, as happens in the field of family, people don´t care. In all cases, this mistreatment has continued when these people are older until they have had to cut off all relations with them in order not to suffer anymore.

People cannot continue ignoring this. For more information about the consequences of abuse from parents to children in Spain, I recommend Celeste Casan’s book, “Si tu familia te maltrata, vete” (“If your family mistreats you, leave”), which is for sale on Amazon worldwide. This book is in Spanish but it is worth it.

Another interesting books about this topic:

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