Book number 10: “Fotografías de Fuentelcésped”

I made a book and a notebook dedicated to the town of Fuentelcésped in the province of Burgos (Spain). In fact, I went to Fuentelcésped because I went on vacation near there so I decided to stop there to take a couple of nice photographs to give to a friend. But when I was there I met a woman and she showed me around the town, so I took more photographs and I decided to make a book with them as a gift for a special person.

I met him long time ago and I spent the best moments of my life with him. Life is complicated and It separates people, but my heart will always be with him and I will be available to him whenever he needs me. We need more men like him.

I didn´t make any promotional videos for this book, because I really made it for a gift, but curiously It was sold very well among the people of the town.

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